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State of
the Art Security

Easy to log in, yet incredibly secure. We also talk up the vault and outline how it is the ultimate place to hold your important digital assets. Best of all you will never get locked out of your account.

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Easy to
Pick Up
and Master

Kresus is built to allow anyone to confidently experience the world of Web3. Our super-app allows you to do nearly everything from buying and selling crypto currency, purchasing and trading NFTs, curating your collections and even mint your first NFT.

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Kresus was built to support your organization with the best B2B2C Web3 support available. From providing the most accessible digital wallet on the market, embeddable support of our tools as well as the ability to launch and manage your NFT program. Kresus provides you guidance and support to meet your needs.

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What sets Us Apart

We build Kresus to not only solve issues we see in the market today, we wanted to build an app for the future of where Web3 is going. Our mobile-first approach means your wallet is with you everywhere you go. Our multi-chain support allows you to house and curate your collectables however you see fit and our Vault provides the ultimate security while allowing you to grant read-only access, set up guardians and even designate an heir. That is just a few of what makes Kresus one-of-a-kind

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We got Your Back

Kresus provides full customer support to ensure your questions are answered quickly. Along with customer service we also offer educational content within the app to help you become an expert Kresus user and more knowledgeable about the ever changing world of Web3

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